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Craving a timeless look for your patio or garden? Wrought iron is known for its beauty, durability and elegance. Furniture crafted from this trusted metal is forged and worked resulting in a heavy, resilient and substantial piece that will often outlive its owners.

To protect the metal from the elements, wrought iron is typically finished with paint or powder coating. Often you’ll see a paint finish used on wrought iron fences or railings whereas furniture will have a black powder coating. These rugged coatings look beautiful and last for many years, preventing rust and corrosion.

Old World Charm of Black Wrought Iron

Wrought iron offers a stately presence and graceful details. In deep ebony or weathered charcoal these patio furnishings create a striking contrast to the lush greenery of your back yard and stand out boldly against the hues of your house, patio and deck.

Distinctive details like scrolling arms, feet and backs are characteristic of designs crafted in this material. Often you can find cast aluminum furnishings that are designed to replicate the wrought iron patio furniture look. The material and style have become so co-mingled that often you will see furniture labeled wrought iron as a style when it is actually manufactured from a different metal.

Classic and traditional designs are prevalent in this material. A wrought iron bench or swing makes the perfect addition to your garden or on your front porch for an elegant touch and occasional spot to sit. Wrought iron lighting adds old world charm to the outside of your home, choose from a wide selection of sconces, chandeliers or lanterns.

Create a polished conversation area with a black wrought iron sectional and chairs. Topped with plush cushions this substantial set is elegant with its ornate details. A granite and ivory outdoor rug with medallion design picks up on the distinctive flourishes of the seating set. Lantern style sconces echo the styling. To take the edge off of chilly nights, swap out the coffee table with a fire pit.

A simple woven pattern on the backs and seats of these pieces offer a crisp lattice look while curved armrests and delicate scroll details soften the edges. The woven fabrication allows some give in the seats and backs presenting a bold look that is unadorned by cushions.

Today’s Patio Styles

A variety of styles are available in wrought iron, including streamlined silhouettes with a contemporary feel. These feature fewer of the classic embellishments while still boasting the strength and beauty of this material.

Showcasing refined lines, wrought iron chaise lounges offer spa-like comfort and relaxation, creating a retreat-style getaway in your back yard. Place a pair by the pool to catch some warm summer rays on a lazy afternoon or under a pergola for a shady spot to catch up on a summer read with a tall glass of lemonade. A simple wrought iron side table makes a convenient addition to complete the lounge area.

A sofa and chair chat set in black and white offer breezy comfort for any occasion. Perked up with a blue rug and some accents this set makes a handsome addition to any porch or veranda. Keep the space fresh with substantially sized container plants.

Care for your Wrought Iron Pieces

This resilient metal needs to be protected from the elements to prevent oxidation or rust and pieces are typically painted or powder coated in black. Powder coating tends to last longer than paint requiring less frequent maintenance and touch ups. Inspect your wrought iron patio furnishings every season to look for chips in the finish. If you find any, simply lightly sand chips or scratches in the finish and touch them up with paint to safeguard your pieces. Some owners will apply spray wax once a year as an added measure of protection. During the off season, people living in harsher climates often choose to store their wrought iron patio furniture indoors or use furniture covers. During the season, wrought iron cleans up easily using basic water, mild soap and a soft cloth, then allowing to fully dry.

Enduring Beauty

From elegant garden parties and big family barbeques to quiet coffee al fresco or enjoying a glass of wine under the stars, black wrought iron patio furniture never lets you down. It is available in a wide range of looks with a build that is sturdy enough to comfortably seat a crowd while boasting a distinguished presence and adding a refined air to any back yard. By staying on top of simply seasonal care practices, no matter which style you select, choosing wrought iron décor for your deck or patio is a decision that will bring you continued enjoyment for many years to come.